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How does ClassWiki work?

Our goal at Class.Wiki is to become the essential collaborative study tool in schools and universities. The driving key to this success is our simple platform which allows curators a distraction-free, open way to introduce educational material. Doing so promotes collaborative thinking and provides a centralized location for curriculum.

Follow these steps

Sign up is easy!

All you need is an email or an open Facebook® session open.

Add your avatar picture

Upload your best profile picture; letting others see your posts throughout the platform.

Create your first FREE class

 Your first private class board is always free.

Keep your class private, or go public and invite the world to contribute!

You class can be completely invite-only for small, select groups; or you can set it to public where others can participate on an ongoing dialogue.

Add your course material

Build your class by adding course material such as .Jpegs .PDFs .Word files and even HTML

Invite your students, peers and friends to your board.

Class wiki is made specifically for collaborative leaning. Invite your peers to participate in the discussion.

Check out your new class board

There are two main columns on your board: on the right its your collaboration board, and on the left is your course material.

Begin checking your course material on the LEFT column

Your digital books can open directly inside the platform.

Post thoughts, questions about the class on the RIGHT column

Add video links and images that help the course material. Grab website references and more…

You can also follow a classmate

Stay informed on your favorite contributors, and notify @others by tagging them

You control your experience

You can hide comments that your don't think will help. You can also flag abusive posts or delete your own.

Intelligent links

Class Wiki will draw information on related topics from other classrooms to your public class board.

Advanced search engine.

Need to find something quick around Class.Wiki? Use the search bar to quickly search keywords and related posts.

The bell rang, but the class continues on ClassWiki.

ClassWiki allows you to access all the notes discussed in class, making homework that much easier

Class Wiki is a secure, dedicated wiki environment for your entire school or university.

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